Surprising Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes You Never Knew

If you’re building a new house or renovating your existing one, you must consider fitted wardrobes, such as one from as they can prove to be saviors. They are built into the house and have enough space for storing lots of items without taking up any space in the room. These integrated closets can also be custom-designed according to the theme of the room.

Creating space in a room is a daunting task, especially if you have large furniture to place. Fitted wardrobes solve this issue by offering a spacious storage area for keeping clothes, shoes, and other accessories. If you’re looking forward to having a fitted wardrobe in your room, you must consider the following benefits of these wardrobes.

Save Space

The best thing about fitted wardrobes is that they save a lot of space. These wardrobes can easily fit into any fixture or space, which would otherwise be occupied if there is a non-fitted wardrobe in the room. To make the best use of the available space in your room, you can also have the wardrobes customized to fit around doors and windows such as in an L-shape. You can also utilize various useless corners of your room and have fitted wardrobes designed for them.

Fitted wardrobes are available in all sizes and can be made in different styles. If you have a lot of space, you can also consider full-sized, walk-in fitted wardrobes. These wardrobes are very economical and space-efficient compared to the non-fitted ones.

Easy Maintenance

Fitted wardrobes can be easily cleaned and maintained, and you don’t need to touch up on them frequently. This is because these types of wardrobes don’t have a top as they are fitted inside walls, so no cleaning is required on the top. Moreover, there won’t be any cobwebs either that cause difficulty in cleaning and maintenance. The non-fitted wardrobes are challenging to clean because of their tops, where dust and dirt accumulate, which is why they need proper cleaning on a regular basis.

Some free-standing wardrobes are designed with space under the bottom portion, which adds to a headache. If you have children in the house, they can put lots of items under the wardrobe, making cleaning even more difficult. The fitted wardrobes are attached from the ceiling to the floor, so there is no space anywhere for dirt or items to accumulate.

Custom Designed

Fitted wardrobes can be custom-designed according to your needs. The built-in wardrobes give you the freedom to design the exterior as well as the interior of the cupboard according to your preferences. You can have an extra compartment for keeping your shoes or a drawer to keep your pieces of jewelry and other delicate stuff. If you want to keep your formal and casual attire separately, you can even have separate compartments designed for the purpose.

Since you are custom designing the fitted wardrobes, you can also get the right finish for it so that it complements the interior of the room. This is a significant benefit, especially if you’re renovating your house and want everything that goes with the new theme you have chosen. A pre-made, non-fitted wardrobe will most likely not go well with your interior as it can be hard to find wardrobes that perfectly suit your theme.

Lighting and Decoration

Standing pre-made wardrobes have no or limited lighting and decoration options. With a fitted wardrobe, you can have holes and small sections to keep your wired or wireless lighting systems. If you think your wardrobe is darker from the inside and need some lighting arrangements, you can place small lamps inside or install LED cabinet lights to have an illuminated area. You can also install LED strip lights and make the darker compartments well-illuminated.

If you have a standing wardrobe, availing this feature will be difficult for you as pre-made ones hardly contain them.

Reasonable Rates

If you are in the market for a pre-made wardrobe, you’ll hardly find one according to your needs. Even if you do manage to find one, you’ll get it at a high rate. A fitted wardrobe can solve this problem as you’ll have it designed from scratch and have the opportunity to cut costs. You can find your desired materials for construction at the rate you can afford.
The fitted wardrobes can’t be compared to the pre-made standing ones in price and quality as fitted wardrobes deliver far better value at a reasonable cost.

Efficient Use of Space

Fitted WardrobesFitted wardrobes offer an excellent way to clear all the clutter in the room. Since they have a lot of space available inside the compartments, they tend to offer the best storage option when there is no way to clear out the clutter. With more storage space, you have the choice of organizing things neatly and appropriately.

Clearing the clutter doesn’t mean you have to keep things in a haphazard manner inside the cupboard. You can store them in an organized fashion if you have enough space. The pre-made standing wardrobes may or may not have large storage options and might not necessarily have enough compartments for you to store and organize items.


Most houses today are small and compact. They usually have small rooms and large lounges, but keeping large furniture inside a small room creates congestion. This is where the space-saving feature of fitted wardrobes can help. They are designed according to your needs and are flexible. Hence, you can save a lot of space inside the room to place other items or leave it empty to create a spacious look.

Furthermore, fitted wardrobes can be designed in various styles and shapes and can be made at a very reasonable rate. Such wardrobes are a long-term investment as they are durable and don’t require any regular cleaning or maintenance. They offer excellent value and prove to be a great storage option for daily use.

Reasons You Should Consider Purchasing Bespoke Furniture

If you are thinking about getting new furniture, you may want to consider purchasing bespoke furniture for your household. For example, TNG or Urban Wardrobes are companies, which are well-known for creating only quality products. They offer classic styles, comfortable furniture, and some of the best collections in the world. Here is a quick overview of the different types of furniture that you will get if you go with the bespoke furnitur.

What Type Of Products That They Sell?

These companies sell sofas, sectionals, media centers, beds, chairs and Ottomans. They also have benches that you can purchase, and a wide variety of other types of furniture that will be perfect in your household. These companies started making bench-made furniture long ago, and have become one of the leaders in the furniture industry. They always guarantee that they will have not only the best prices, but some of the best styles available that are made of the highest quality materials. It should also be noted that the furniture that they sell is crafted in a very unique way. In fact, if you see there furniture in someone else’s home, it is so distinctive, there will be no confusion as to where it was purchase. It is going to be a much needed addition to any home that is really looking for the best, and is the perfect choice for those that are doing any type of interior decorating project.

Find Out More About These Companies Today

You can find many retailers that are selling this furniture in London. They are actually kept in warehouses in North London. Every order will be processed as soon as possible, shipped immediately to your location. You can go to their websites to find out more information about dealers that might be in your area. If you are thinking about adding the most beautiful and elegant furniture to your house, definitely consider bespoke furniture as one of your top choices for getting quality furniture at excellent prices.

Custom Made Furniture Can Make Your Home A Better Place

Furniture that is custom made looks a lot better than the stuff you can get that is already made. You can have someone do whatever you want with the furniture so it can fit into your home or wherever else you put it.

A lot of the people that make custom furniture particularly in London have been at it for many years. You can generally find a lot of different options out there if you’d like to, so make sure you select someone that has a lot of experience. That way, you can tell them what you are looking for and they will know what it takes or they will know where to tell you to turn if they can’t do it. Those with experience in the industry of custom furniture are capable of doing great work without too much trouble and they have connections to get any materials they may need.

Furniture that you have made is something that will cost money. So, before you have someone work on a project for you, make sure you’re going to be able to pay for it. Most people that will be building something for you are going to want all of or most of the payment for it up front. If you can’t do that, then they won’t do it because they won’t be able to sell the piece they make for quite some time if it’s customized for you only. Find the best prices and be sure they are fair by shopping around a little.

The custom made furniture you can find on the market right now is a good investment if you’re smart about it. You just have to know what you want, or at least know how to find someone that can build something you’ll love to add to your home.

Fitted Wardrobes Expand Your Bedroom Possibilities

When you own a home, you hopefully found something that was the perfect size and accommodations for the family you had at the time. However, life changes, and sometimes you have to suddenly get more people into a home than you might have previously planned. This might happen if you have more kids than you were planning on. It’s also possible that a relative might move in with you for a while, or even that you had not previously thought about entertaining overnight guests but now are looking to do so.

If your home does not have enough bedrooms as is, you are faced with unpleasant choices. You either need a larger home, or someone has to share bedrooms. That can mean people sleeping on the couch in the living room or kids doubling up that don’t want to do so. One way to alleviate such problems and tensions is to convert a room into a bedroom that was not intended to be one. While it’s true you can put a bed anywhere, the room might not have a closet. In fact, some areas that might make a nice bedroom don’t even have walls. You can take care of that with temporary walls, and things like fitted wardrobes let you create closet space for clothes.

Fitted wardrobes serve as tremendously efficient spaces for storing clothes and personal effects when a closet is not built into the walls. These do sit out on the available floor space, but they can be customized to fit into corners and spaces between furniture where they are neatly tucked away. Mindfulness is even given to how far the doors swing open, so that knees are not bumped and freedom of movement is not restricted anywhere in the room for the occupants.

Custom Made Wardrobes In London

In the past few years we could see interesting fact across the UK capital. More and more people every year are interested in custom made furniture. Increase in demand on the market exploded in many new manufacturers and as a result of higher competition, the cost of custom furniture decrease and became even more affordable. If you still don’t have one, you should definitely take a look.