uPVC Painting Services

uPVC Painting Services

uPVC Renovations provides uPVC spray painting services of the highest quality for your house. uPVC Renovations are your trustworthy, local UPVC painting specialists, who are experts in all UPVC spray painting aspects. The company is well-established, has extensive experience, and strongly recommended by its customers. They also back up their work by offering a 10-year guarantee.

The work done by uPVC Renovations is characterised by its completely flawless finish. uPVC Renovations will make your UPVC look brand new once again and extend its life for many years into the future. uPVC Renovations provides you with the finest professional services at all times and uses the highest quality materials to ensure a proper and thorough job.

uPVC Renovations will spray paint all of your home’s external and internal UPVC. uPVC Renovations paint doors, windows, fascia, door frames, conservatories, garage doors, and everything in-between. If you are considering painting UPVC windows in order to save money, it is about 40% less expensive than replacement without all of the inconveniences that building work is associated with.

Why Choose uPVC Painting?

UPVC does not remain white forever. Over time, it fades due to UV light. The spray painting services of UPVC Renovations changes the uPVC’s exterior colour and also forms a protective barrier against UV light. That helps to prolong the life of the UPVC and provide your home with a new and fresh appearance. uPVC Renovations painters can spray your house any colour with a gloss, satin, or matte finish.

Is UPVC Spray Paint Durable?

uPVC Renovations backs its UPVC spray painting service by providing a 10-year minimum guarantee. It guarantees paintwork against defects that arise from poor materials and workmanship. That means you can expect your finish to last for a decade at least.

Paint durability

Is UPVC spray paint durable? This paint is very hardy. It is impenetrable (waterproof) and resistant to temperature changes, heat, and abrasion. It is not disturbed by normal wear and tear, like people leaning against it or branches rubbing on it. It can stand up to everyday life’s rigours.

uPVC spray painting services

Make it last

The paint, of course, is not indestructible. A Stanley knife or other sharp object can cut through this paint. Also, although it is highly resistant to abrasion if an electric sander is held against it that will wear it down. To preserve your paint, the key is being smart. Never expose it to fire or hit the paint with a spade. That will help it last longer.

What will occur after 10 years?

There is a strong chance that your paint will remain in good condition even after 10 years. There are, in fact, houses that were painted 15 years ago by uPVC Renovations that still look great now. After 10 years, there is also the option to repaint your UPVC. You may want to paint a new window that you installed or change the colour.

Are there some paints that are more durable compared to others?

Although we cannot speak for other spray paint brands, the ones that are used by uPVC Renovation are considered to be the most durable in the entire industry. Generally speaking, paints with higher gloss content are more durable. That is due to the fact that the paint underneath is protected by the clear coat. uPVC Renovations offers you the option of gloss, satin, or matte finish.

Why Choose uPVC Renovations?

Because they know what they are doing. uPVC Renovations have more than 20 years of industry experience and have developed a very efficient spray painting UPVC system. That guarantees no over-spray and a perfect finish. Also, uPVC Renovations paint will never peel, crack, or fade. You get the real deal from uPVC Renovations.

uPVC Renovations are able to spray paint UPVC any colour you want. Most of the uPVC Renovations customers choose a dark grey or black, which offers a beautiful contrast with red stone and brickwork. Whatever colour you choose for your home, they can make it happen for you. And since they spray paint both external and internal UPVC, uPVC Renovations offer a comprehensive solution to meet all of your needs.

One of the most effective things you can do to change your home’s appearance is to paint your UPVC windows. Brown and white UPVC may be painted any colour in order to help it blend in or stand out from the other houses in the area. uPVC Renovations can change your UPVC to any of the colours on the British Standard Colour Chart and RAL Colour Chart.