Decorating Ideas for Autumn

When fall is in the air, over the years, I have found several ways of easily and inexpensively decorating for fall.

I like a simple, natural look in my home. Our family tries to stay away from Halloween-themed decorations, so sometimes it’s hard to create a nice, natural autumn theme.

A couple of years ago I found these instructions on how to make an easy autumn wreath. It was really easy to make and turned out so cute. I put this wreath up on my front door in the fall and then replace it with my Christmas wreath after Thanksgiving

I have been collecting a variety of autumn pumpkins. They are all different sizes and are made from a variety of materials. In the fall I go through the living room and put away knickknacks that I can live without until spring. The pumpkins are put in their place, and the Christmas decorations will take their place after Thanksgiving.

I love decorating with autumn leaves, and pretty fake ones are very inexpensive. I bought mine at my local discount store. This year I bought a grapevine branch and wound a vine of autumn leaves around it. The materials were on sale and I think I paid about £5 to make it. I hung it over one of the doorways in the living room and on some of our made to measure wardrobes. It is very simple and natural looking.

Fall floral items were also on sale, and I found some pretty sunflowers, cattails, and wheat shafts. I arranged them in a big vase in the centre of the dining room table. The vase is sitting on top of a crocheted doily. I arranged some of the autumn leaves on the table around the base of the vase. I also placed a vase of sunflowers in the living room on a corner shelf.

The top of the piano is always a perfect place to display holiday decorations. On the piano, I set some of my tole-painted scarecrows and another vase of autumn flowers. A vine of autumn leaves ties everything together. I then sprinkled some more of the autumn leaves on the cover that folds down over the piano keys.

In my dining room, I have a bookcase where I store my cookbooks and other knickknacks. Here I display autumn spice candles and small wooden painted pumpkins.

I’ve always loved window clings. I found some that are large, very colourful autumn leaves. I placed them on the windows in my dining room (facing the backyard), on the window of my front screen door, and on one of the front windows. Don’t limit these just to windows, you can easily use them for your fitted wardrobes if you have some! Also, I like to put them on glass cabinet doors, like the door to my china cabinet. They make a great colourful accent.

You can’t have too many of those autumn leaves lying around! I also arranged some on the shelves of my entertainment centre and on the fireplace mantle. My daughter even commented on how pretty they looked.

So my house is now decorated for fall. Soon there will be pumpkins sitting on the front porch. The only drawback to my fall decorations is that our cats are going to have a field day with them. Oh well!